More About Veterans Recovery Group, Inc.

Our Beginning, & Where We Are Going

We are originally a Facebook group that Steve started in 2014 after two of his battle-buddies from deployment to Balad, Iraq both chose suicide just a few weeks apart. We began receiving posts and PMs asking to talk and sometimes asking for help. We supported each other, and helped when we could, but with no budget we were very limited in what we could do.

We mostly networked to find people help.


Now, we are a registered non-profit corporation in the state of Missouri,

with a Board of Directors and everything!

We are going to build a veteran's ranch and we will provide temporary housing for homeless veterans, provide job skills training, help with recovery from addiction, we will have equine therapy and service dog training, we will teach relationship skills and coping mechanisms, and we will provide

PTSD counseling and support.


So--  Hit that donate button and help us get started!!

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24/7  --   We are here for you

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